Väre, Gallery V1 Photo: Aalto University / Anne Kinnunen

Väre, Gallery V1 Photo: Aalto University / Anne Kinnunen

Väre, the newest Aalto University building for the School of Art, Design, and Architecture is a vibrant space for dynamic encounters in Otaniemi Campus. Inaugurated in September 2018, Väre is situated in the intersection of two principal coordinates, Otakaari 1 and the Harald Herlin Learning Centre.

Our programme emphasises in innovatory co-producing, circulating knowledges and strengthening the dialogue for the whole University and diverse collaborators. Väre offers a multitude of exhibition spaces for showcasing creative work and hosting transdisciplinary meetings.

V1 & V2

Väre offers two white cube spaces ready to host a wide spectrum of exhibitions with various themes, media, and collaborations.

 Public Areas

The building’s architecture produces a wide variety of flexible spatial combinations. Lobby spaces, corridors, and passages are vivid public areas, ideal for exhibiting most kinds of works.

Exhibitions Autumn Semester 2018:


17.09 - 08.10.2018// 24 Vases in 24 Days. Ceramics Exhibition. Students: Saija Halko, Nikolo Kerimov, Matias Liimatainen, Maria Punkkinen, Collin Velkoff & Man Yau. Instructors: Nathalie Lautenbacher, Priska Falin & Tomi Pelkonen

17.10–26.10.2018 // Electricity in the Arts. UWAS-C0035 course led by Gregoire Rousseau.

29.10 - 18.11.2018 // I Remember - Proustian Memory in Textile Art. Master’s Thesis in Fashion and Collection Design, Eini Knuutinen.

 29.11 - 09.12.2018// Photography Exhibition. BA Course led by Minna Suoniemi.

10.12 - 21.12.2018// Histories in the Present. MA Course led by Marko Karo & Minna Henrikkson.


12.10 – 28.10.2018// Vidigal – an autoethnography, Master's Thesis in Visual Communication Design, Juho Heikkinen.

01.11 – 15.11.2018// Doctoral Candidate Priska Falin.

 Public Areas

24.10 - 10.12.2018// Design Installation. MA course led by Eeva Jokinen (2krs lobby).

16.11 - 30.11.2018// Sonic Sculpture. MA course led by Derek Holzer.

10.12 - 24.12.2018// Aalto Activewear. MA course led by Anna-Mari Leppisaari (2krs lobby).


Otakaari 14, Espoo

Mon–Thu 7:45–20:00, 
Fri 7:45–18:00

Danai Anagnostou
SCTA Assistant