Rhombic Dodecacube consists of 13 rhombic dodecacubes that are built from a double-faced mirror acrylic, general mirror acrylic and clear acrylic. These rhombic dodecacubes are piled up so that on the lowest level there are four, at the middle level there are five and on the top level there are again four. Inside the pieces there are white led lights that create colours by scattering to different wavelengths when facing the acrylic surface.

The work originates from a cross-disciplinary course Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors: Mathematics meets Art and Architecture held in Aalto University.


Elias Axelsson, Hilla Fred, Henri Judin, Viivi Livio and Meri Tuomela
, 2015

Otakaari 1, 2nd floor foyer, Espoo