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Unexpected Encounters

Unexpected Encounters: Making New Things Possible Aalto University was created as a multidisciplinary university, developing relationships between science and art, technology and business.

The first exhibition in the new Learning Centre in Otaniemi interrogates the moment of encounter between disciplines, setting the stage for cross-pollination and new beginnings. The exhibition includes selected works developed in transdisciplinary courses from the schools of Art, Design and Architecture, Chemistry and Science, in dialogue with individual projects. From experiments with bacteria to visualising the creation of the universe through atomic collisions, some of these projects are born from the deliberate misuse of scientific methodologies while others bring together students with various backgrounds to work in an experimental and open-ended endeavour.

The forms these experiments take can be called art, design or research, but what matters is that these works are personal discoveries, representing the transdisciplinary journeys of their authors. All are welcome to encounter the works and participate in meetings with their creators during public program events. The exhibition takes place in the Lobby of the Learning Centre on November 1—December 14, 2016.

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Elias Axelsson, Kurt Chen, Monika Faidi, Hilla Fred, Henri Judin, Akino Kurosawa, Lily Xiaohan Liang, Viivi Livio, Erik Parr, Nina Riutta, Marloes van Son, Meri Tuomela, Matilda Tuure.

Curated by Ksenia Kaverina

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