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Jemina Lindholm: Sick System

  • M8 Art Space   8 Maarintie Espoo, 02150 Finland (map)

Jemina Lindholm (b. 1991) is a member of MUU Artists’ Association and Rajataide Association. She graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2014 (Tampere, Finland) and is finishing her Master of Arts degree at Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland). As a visual artist, she works mainly with moving image, photography and community-based art. She is interested in the experience of living with an illness, intimacy and relationships, relational aesthetics and collaborative methods. In addition to her own artistic production, she also works in different artist collectives, is part of the artist duo Landemimmit and facilitates a zine called nothing/special.

Sick System

The word ‘system’ can be interpreted as an organism, “a life form” or an individual entity which has certain characteristics: capability of reproduction, growth and development, maintenance, and some degree of response to stimuli. A human body can be interpreted as a system, an organism. In my works I discuss the human body being affected by an illness and its social layers.

Ten years have passed after my first diagnosis, and the phenomenon of sickness has been present in my personal and professional life in different ways ever since. As I have been growing up in a society that regards youth and able-bodiedness as the norm and the most desirable things in this world, when I got sick I felt like I was losing everything. I soon began to understand that ”the problem” that I was struggling with and that brought me sorrow and misery was not only the pain and suffering caused by my illness, and it was actually located somewhere else than in my body. ”The problem” was also caused by and located in my surroundings that constantly reminded me of the fact that I was unfit.

When it comes to living with an illness, getting comfortable with your body and the uncertainty of your existence is an ongoing process. The uncertainty is present in balancing between fear and safety, seriousness and humor as well as voluntariness and necessity. In the core of these works and my artistic process are the companionship and on/off relationship with your own body and self. What happens when getting comfortable is a means of survival and acceptance of yourself and the uncertain is a way of life by necessity?

Video works for the exhibition  in M8 Art Space were selected through an open call.

Curated by Ksenia Kaverina.

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