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Aalto Multiverisity by Rogério Nuno Costa

  • Harald Herlin Learning Centre Otaniementie 9 02150 Espoo Finland (map)

“Aalto Multiversity” is a guerrilla propaganda project comprising a fake-interactive website and a manifesto. The project was realised within the frame of the course Exploring Historical and Theoretical Roots and partially shown in the course’s final exhibition Whose History Is It Anyway? (Learning Centre, January-February 2018). Both the video and the manifesto propose an ironic alternate/parallel university, a university-to-be, or one that could have been. The project is part of Rogério Nuno Costa’s ongoing thesis research on the history and critique of Western universities, elaborating on a fictional and self-referential meta-academy structured in a rhyzomatic and holistic dialogue between all Arts and all Sciences, therefore sustained by a discursive system that presents itself as non-hierarchical, non-quantitative, non-specialised and inter/cross-disciplinary.

(Dark-)mirroring specific context taken as a paradigmatic example of an entrepreneurial and business-oriented institution (education as a product, student as a client), “Aalto Multiversity” functions as an accelerated doppelgänger version of Aalto University itself, confronting its ideology and discourse by the means of fictionalisation of a utopian institution, one where marginalised ontologies will be at the forefront of its system of representation. An hypothesis for a meta-academy embedded in a queer invisibility. A crack in the system. A para-historical friction.

Video: Alex Ball

Photos: Jenni Holma