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IS/NOT: Sculpture for the Post-Truth Era

  • Harald Herlin Learning Centre Otaniementie 9 Espoo, 02150 Finland (map)

Sculpture for the Post-Truth Era was a sculpture exhibition by seventeen students from the Sculpture Now! course (General Studies). The exhibition showcased works that were result of an intensive one-month course. Each work was made in a different technique, using materials that include but are not limited to: Iittala plates, household waste, plastic bags and a hare mysteriously killed in Otaniemi (check #otanemistories hashtag on Instagram). It is said that we have moved into a “post-truth” era, as scientific fact has made way for opinion and belief. Are we humans returning to a pre-enlightenment society ruled by priests and monarchs, where the masses are kept ignorant of facts, and ruling elites use fear to keep in power? Can science and reason prevail in this new/old world, or will we enter a new dark ages?

Teacher: Andy Best

Workshop Master: Roel Meijs

Artists: Aneta Atsova, Mira Caselius, Simona Di Giovanni, Jernej Čuček Gerbec, Lucia Marisa Gruber, Pauliina Heinänen, Johan F. Karlsson, Anton Krohn, Katharina Körner, Hanna Laeslehto, Ali Akbar Mehta, Valeria Nekhaeva, Elham Rahmat,i Lari Rantalainen, Sanna Ritvanen, Vidha Saumya, Riikka Toivonen.

Earlier Event: January 11
Later Event: February 17
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