M8 Art Space / photo: Laureline Tilkin

M8 Art Space / photo: Laureline Tilkin

Shows 2017–2018:

Ville Pulkki // Musical Analogues of Mathematical Concepts. 13.12.2018–31.1.2019.

Jemina Lindholm // Sick System. 14.9–31.10.2018.

Pilvi Takala // Business Outsider: Artist-in-Residence in Aalto University. Selected Works. 22.5–21.8.2018. Opening at 5 pm on May, 22nd

Dana Neilson // Closer to (my) Nature. 12.2–23.3.2018.

Danai A Anagnostou // Winter Portraits. 18.12.2017-26.01.2018. EXTENDED until 9.02.2018.

Helen Aleksandrova// Wicked Games. 22.11-18.12.2017

Andrea Coyotzi Borja // Here you sit and you want only to wait, just to wait until there is nothing left to wait for. 15.9-5.11.2017 

Dance of the Pixels // May-August 2017

Videoworks by Antti Laitinen 17.2.-16.4.2017

On show until 15th Jan 2017 Tuomo Rainio

M8 Art Space (ex-TUAS Art Space) is situated in the atrium of the Maarintie 8 building, a location that houses departments of the School of Science and the School of Electrical Engineering. M8 Art Space brings people together across disciplines to engage with experimental orientations in visual arts. It provides a space to a broad variety of lens-based art by experienced and emerging artists sharing a desire to work off the beaten path.



Maarintie 8
Otaniemi, Espoo (2 floor)


Mon-Thu 7.45-20.00, Fri 8.00-18.00 (during the summer season 1.6.-31.8. 8.00-15.30)


Curator Edel O’ Reilly


phone: +358 50 4725545