Dipoli / photo: Mikko Raskinen /Aalto University

Dipoli / photo: Mikko Raskinen /Aalto University

Dipoli, the main building of Aalto University is a stage for encounters and events for students, the university and its partners. The Dipoli Gallery will be university´s representational space, a production house where co-design, co-creation and co-institutioning will take place and where new knowledge will be produced by the Aalto community. The curated programme of Dipoli Gallery consists of seminars, exhibitions, and performances.

Exhibitions Spring 2019:

20.11.2018 -18.1.2019 // Paradox city, Aalto campus development

23.1. -3.3.2019 // Material Matters

7-29.3.2019 // Photography from Aalto MA program

1-29.4.2019 // Aalto Fashion

3-24.5.2019 // Aalto Digi

 27.5.-19.6.2019 // SCTA project


Otakaari 24, Espoo


Mon-Fri 7.45-21.30

Sat 9.30-21.30

Art Coordinator
Outi Turpeinen
+358 50 4314 194