Vare / Photo: Aalto University / Mikko Raskinen

Vare / Photo: Aalto University / Mikko Raskinen

The exhibition space is a launch of a new long-term collaboration between Aalto University and airport operator Finavia, who agreed during 2017 autumn on a three year collaboration including three exhibitions at the airport.

The exhibitions belong to Finavia’s Art Port Concept. The idea is to offer passengers surprising new services.

The first exhibition is lasting the whole year of 2018 and is called From Nature to Future. It presents visionary concepts made out of natural raw materials. Altogether 22 design students from Aalto University took the challenge to imagine a more sustainable future by developing their own biomaterials.

New exhibition FRAGILE WATERS now open for 2019.


Helsinki-Vantaa Airport B2 arrival hall

During flights or by appointment only.

Outi Turpeinen
Art coordinator