Electropia I is a generative sound and light installation that transforms a bridged corridor at the School of Electrical Engineering into a subtle, slowly-evolving audio-visual experience. The title comes from the words ‘electromagnetic’, ‘tropical’ and ‘utopia’: the soundscape and the musical composition are derived from the treated sounds of electromagnetic waves and a neotropical rainforest, while ‘utopia’ refers to a possible place, condition or ideal. The light consists of several small strobe lights that react sporadically to the soundscape, and their altered light is reflected discreetly around the architecture of the corridor.

The work originates from a cross-disciplinary course Electronic Art in Public Space held in Aalto University.

Design: Ilpo Jauhiainen, Matias Tuohino, Niklas Sallinen and Roupen Bastadjian, 2015

Location: Otakaari 5 J, Espoo