Atski Gallery / photo: Julia Weckman

Atski Gallery / photo: Julia Weckman

Atski Gallery got its name from the history: The School of Arts, Design and Architecture was founded in 1871 as Craft School and got later its nickname Atski from the building Ateneum in downtown Helsinki. The oldest gallery of Arabia campus exhibits works from Aalto University students including contemporary visual art, from painting and sculpture to photography, design, video and installation.

Exhibitions autumn 2017:
30.8.-3.9.2017 //
Intro, Design Department
7.9-21.9.2017 // 

Personal Project Exhibition by Pedro Garcia

28.9.2017 // 
Dance of Cosmos 28.9.2017 3.30 pm
26.10.-9.11.2017 //
Artistic expression -course exhibition, Design department


Hämeentie 135 C, 8th floor, Helsinki

Mon–Thu 7.30 am–7 pm

Fri 7.30 am–6 pm

Outi Turpeinen
+358 50 4314 194

Exhibition policies (pdf)
Information on applying (pdf)
Gallery Atski floorplan (pdf)