Art & Creative Practices

Aalto University wants to increase visibility and impact of art and creativity in the society. This will also create a basis for change and new thinking.

Art and creativity is one of the main pillars of Aalto University. We believe that artistic activity strengthens research and accelerates innovation and economy. It also helps to develop better solutions for demanding global challenges. These include climate change, energy availability, health care and nutrition.

Art, creativity and design reform society: they challenge and question as well as produce new knowledge and understanding. They also create human-centred design and functional solutions to everyday life.

Art & Creative Practices at Aalto University

Aalto University promotes art and creativity based activities in all disciplines and communities. We develop mechanisms for including creative practices and design thinking into technology and business, both in our own and partners' activities. We also offer extensive art education for all of our students to diversify their perspectives and competencies.

University Wide Art Studies:



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